Tuesday, 30 September 2008

a meal for the Harvey Nichols staff

The day before the new Harvey Nichols store opened its doors to the public I documented the last meal for Canteen. Over a matter of days the building site underwent a huge transformation. Builders in hig-vis jackets suddenly vanished and a whole new team of staff arrived -part of the 4,000 people who are needed to run the shops and centre. As an acknowledgement to the new staff I wanted the last meal I had prepared to be for them.
Louise is the new head Chef for Harvey Nic's and as a practice before paying customers arrived she and her team cooked a meal for other shop employees which was served by the waiters who will staff the resturant. As well as contributing a final recipe for the publication, Louise will also write an afterword about the experience of opening a new resturant in the new Cabot Circus

100% Ford Mondeo - carpark site two days before opening to the public. 23rd September 2008

china stone

Five days before Cabot Circus opened to the public [25th Sept 08] the granite kerbstone reached its final destination and was installed in Penn Street at the entrance to the new centre. It is bizare for me to stand on the stone and remember the landscape it once was part of in the heat and humidity of South East China. For those who are interested the text on the stone in Chinese is the title of the work - A weight of stone carried from China for you - The other texts are the location - the quarry where the stone came from, the date it was quarried and stone type as it is refered to in China.