Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Ford Mondeo concrete column

The full column on the third floor of the carpark has now been cast. Inside is two-thirds of the Ford Mondeo will hold up the building. The last half column will need to wait until the construction of the carpark reaches level four.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Mondeo rebar back on site

From Celsa the Mondeo, now 32mm rebar, was transported to Romtech, a company which cuts and bends the steel into the right dimensions for the construction project. From there it was back to the new carpark in Bristol. Since begining the journey when I bought the car from Paul, it has traveled a total of 114 miles to its final resting place. The third and fourth floor of the carpark.
The 680 kgs of steel from the car have made enough 32mm rebar to construct one full and one half concrete columns in the carpark. After assembling the steelwork onsite, the final stage will be to fix the steelwork in place, assemble the shuttering and cast the concrete.

Polish meal

Chicken spring rolls with rice croquettes

Anna Smetana works as the site secretary for Norwest Holst, builders of the new carpark site. A special person Anna’s enthusiasm for this and other projects has been an inspiration. Her Polish meal was served on site to office staff during a very hectic lunchtime.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Anzac cookies with Chris

Chris is a big Aussie in every sense of the word and no matter what the weather is or how bad a day he is having, he always seems to have a great big smile and time for a chat. Chris gave me a recipe for Anzac cookies which both Sam Wilkinson and I cooked. With boxes full, we spent one sunny morning handing out cookies to anyone who wanted to try.