Friday, 31 August 2007

Portuguese meal

Rabbit and smoked ham with garlic potatoes.

The meal was chosen from one of several possible contributions from staff working for PHD Scaffolders. Lunch on site was for the scaffolding crew.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Lobster and Black Bean Sauce - a recipe from Belize

Richard gave me his recipe for lobster and black bean sauce, a dish which in Belize is cheap and tastes wonderful. Once again we prepared the meal at Mud Dock, but with the cost of lobster in the UK, this was a meal for a select few. The lobster was served with egg fried rice and a side salad. Richard, a carpenter on site, previously worked as a nutritional scientist, so food is something he takes a keen interest in.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Cabot Circus Cantata - song contributions

Mahandra, from Nepal

Simeon, from Bulgaria

Mr Singh, Punjabi

Raymond Henry

Saturday, 25 August 2007

R310 RCF – at the steelworks

The 680 kgs of Ford Mondeo arrived at Celsa in Cardiff on the back of a skip truck. The next stage is melting the car down and casting the steel into billets. My first worry was how to track the Ford through the whole process, but in fact it was very easy. As soon as the metal from the car was lifted into the cast pot it is given a cast number which will stay with this batch of steel forever. The whole plant in Cardiff is sophisticatedly computerised with ever bit of steel tracked throughout the whole process. What an amazing place! Dressed in heavy [and very hot] woolen fire retardent clothing, earpulgs, boots and helmet, I went into the plant. Even with the earplugs the noise, smoke and flames are overwhelming. We tracked the car being melted and cast into steel billets. From here the billets will be taken to the rod-mill.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

R310 RDF – at the scrap yard

The car drove like a dream to the scrap yard in Newport. Simms Metals is a huge place with the biggest 'frag' plant, or shredder in the world. Simms could not have been more helpful. I filmed them de-polute the car and stip it down ready for fragging. They then stopped all their work on the frag plant and cleared the whole machine so we could process the car and collect all the metal. Once the car began making it's way up the conveyor to the shredder, it took a matter of minutes before it was comming out the other end in little pieces. In total the Mondeo was converted into 680kgs of ferrous metal.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

R310 RCF – collecting the car from Paul

Frod Mondeo Estate, bought on Ebay from Paul who lives in Bristol, only a few miles from the site. This car has a Bristol story already. The day after Paul bought the car himself, it was involved in an accident with a Bristol bus and was a write-off. But the engine is sound, I have managed to insure it, and the next thing is to drive to to the scrap yard in Newport.